Failure to accommodate religious practices can be an expensive lesson.

By Gina LiVolsi, on 01/31/19
Filed As: Compliance

You may have seen the recent attention-grabbing headlines about a former hotel housekeeper awarded $21.5 million in damages in the case of Jean Pierre v. Park Hotels, Inc. after finding she suffered religious discrimination and retaliation in violations of Title VII…

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Workplace Drug Testing Considerations in Light of OSHA’S Anti-Retaliation Provisions

By Gina LiVolsi, on 06/29/18
Filed As: Compliance

In drafting and enforcing drug testing policies, employers need to consider OSHA’s 2016 Final Rule, which added additional provisions regarding retaliation for workplace reporting. 

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Be Careful with Job Postings in the 7th Circuit: Considerations in light of Kleber v. Carefusion Corporation

By Gina LiVolsi, on 05/25/18
Filed As: Employment Counseling: Best Practices

As a way to screen perceived overqualified applicants from applying for an open position, employers sometimes put experience caps on job postings.  But be careful.  While this is a seemingly neutral practice, it could put your company at risk.

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“But she’s like a daughter to me!” Avoid this FMLA pitfall.

By Gina LiVolsi, on 03/9/18
Filed As: Employee Leave

As an employer, you are surely aware that the FMLA entitles an eligible employee to take up to 12 workweeks of job-protected leave to care for a son, daughter, or parent with a serious health condition.

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